Can you be a gypsy?


Christine Nguyen and Chris Geras heard about cruising the islands. Friends told them stories. Family were supportive. They had the right situation with their careers. They said “why not”? So they did it, and it was an adventure they will never forget.

They left California and went to Florida to go boat shopping – attending the Miami Boat Show and exploring the boats in Key West. They wanted a good cruising catamaran, but didn’t have half a million to spend. Soon, they fell in love with the design of the Gemini 105Mc… a smaller catamaran, with a great reputation for quality, a roomy interior and fast sailing.

After some time, they found their Gemini and named her the Gypsy Cat. There was a list of things to do to get the boat “cruise-ready”, and they worked hard to prep her. After scrubbing, painting, some fiberglass and engine work, they were ready to sail!

Here is a rundown of their travels:

  • January – Road trip from California to Florida
  • February – Boat research in Florida
  • March – Bought Gypsy Cat! And started fixing her up
  • April – Still fixing her but launched her and living aboard
  • May – Started our trip! Sailed to Bimini, Bahamas
  • June – Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic
  • July – Dominican Republic, Mona Passage, Puerto Rico
  • August – Puerto Rico, Spanish Virgins, US Virgins, BVI’s
  • September – US and British Virgin Islands
  • October – St. John, USVI
  • November – Virgin Gorda
  • December – Sint Maarten (Dutch side of St. Martin)
  • January – Anguilla
  • February – Nevis, St. Martin
  • April – Sint Maarten
  • May, June, July – St. Martin
  • August – Terre-De-Haut, Les Saintes, Guadeloupe
  • September – The Grenadines
  • October, November – Grenada
  • December – Antigua
  • January – St. Martin

So, they bought the boat in Florida and completed their goal of cruising the islands. Now that the cruise was over and other adventures waited for them, they had to decide on next steps. It was the voyage of a lifetime. What should they do with Gypsy Cat – their home on the water for so long?

They decided to bring their Gemini 105Mc home to the place it was originally built, Annapolis, Maryland, so that it would be available for the next lucky sailors who want to live their dreams. Annapolis is the ideal place to sell Gypsy Cat, since the Annapolis Catamaran Center is located at the former location of Performance Cruising Inc., now Gemini Catamarans. The staff knows Gemini inside and out, and can prepare Gypsy Cat for any adventures that lie ahead. Annapolis is famous for sailing, so there is a bounty of potential buyers. The 34’ Gemini 105Mc is the perfect boat for sailing the shallow Chesapeake Bay, with its 14’ beam and 18 inch draft with centerboards up. And a gypsy needs a fast sailboat, prefers level sailing and wants a roomy interior, whether they are cruising the bay, the islands or the world!

The listing broker for Gypsy Cat is Mike Robinson. This is a new listing at the Annapolis Catamaran Center.


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