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How are you? If you were not able to attend any of the recent boat shows, here’s the next best thing. Introducing the latest Lagoon 450 video presentation:

Are you dreaming of retirement on a catamaran but still have a few years to go?

Are you looking for options to make this dream happen but can’t quite make the numbers work? Let me share a little secret with you……….. there are many options that only The Catamaran Company can make available to you and I’d like to take a few moments to share a few scenarios that might work for you:



3 ways to make owning a Lagoon 450 easy!



    1. Purchase for Charter: Bareboat with full revenue sharing, all on a 2013 model being delivered this fall in Tortola, BVI.

      With this option, you have the flexibility to use your yacht as much or as little as you want and to even take off sailing in a year or two if you do not want to be locked into a multi-year plan.  Our plan takes care of all your maintenance expenses and has the only truly dedicated catamaran professionals (we don’t do monohulls!) looking after your baby while allowing you to still get your feet wet and get over that learning curve with our help before you decide to sail off into the sunset. We are one of the few charter companies that allow you to make your own decision as to what equipment you want on your cat.  You may also be able to take advantage of some tax benefits from owning a yacht. What other company can claim that they have been in the BVI’s for more than 20 years with the same management team staff on island since the very beginning? That shows our commitment and just how much we care!


    1. Purchase for Charter: Crewed, with guaranteed income of $70,000 per year, available starting December 2012.

      With our exclusive “Partner Ships”, we can now offer guaranteed income for weekly crewed sailing vacations!  The boat is still yours so spec it and name it! You own it 100% but we take care of and pay for all the operating expenses, including paying the captain and crew! Even your personal vacation usage is flexible and you can take advantage of the full boat with or without crew, just take a cabin with other guests or sail her yourself bareboat with your friends! Call me for details on this fabulous turn-key solution, the only program of its type offered by any charter company.


  1. Financing or cash purchase? No problem, have your boat spec’d your way and start living the dream.  Ask me for specs and details to get you there as simply as possible.


Still a while out from being able to commit?

Again, no problem! We have 3 ways to help you charter and work your way towards your goal:

    1. Bareboat Charter
      If you already have the skills to captain a cat, invite friends and family to join you and experience the freedom to do as you please.


    1. Bareboat with a Captain
      Got the friends but not feeling comfortable enough yet to take the wheel? No problem, let us supply the  captain so you can improve your skills while vacationing with someone else taking all the responsibility. Wow, what a concept!


  1. Cabin only charter
    On a budget but still need to get away? Or just need to test this one final time before taking the plunge? We have the solution for that too!

Meet new, like-minded friends and gain some on-the-water experience with an all-inclusive real vacation! We will supply the captain, the cook, the food, the drinks, the meals……………………. AND new friends!

For all of these experiences, we have both 3 and 4 cabin layouts available in Tortola, BVI.

Just let me know which of these alternatives appeal to you most and I will be happy to send you some prices or just call me to help set up the roadmap to get you on your way.

Hope to see you soon!

For more info call (954)328-9149


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